The Facts Institute is an easy-to-use resource platform designed to help researchers quickly find facts and data that has been verified by reliable and trustworthy sources.

The proliferation of misinformation and fake news has made it harder to find authentic information online. All too often, data sources are hidden behind complex APIs, deep within cumbersome spreadsheets and reports, or buried between dense paragraphs of complicated language.

Founded by an ex-teacher, The Facts Institute only publishes information and data that can be supported by credible publications and institutions.

The Facts Institute aims to cut through the swathes of confusion to supply only the most salient facts and information that is reliable, cross-referenced and from sources that can be cited with confidence.

The Facts Institute is an independent organisation with no political affiliations.

Every effort is made to clearly publish our sources and methodology on each page. However, if you require additional information or have any questions about the website, please feel free to contact us.